TrADS Solutions

Our Transportable Ammunition Destruction Systems (TrADS) are stand-alone destruction and recycling systems, requiring no local infrastructure other than a flat area on which to place the system.

Our solutions will destroy all types of small arms ammunition up to and including 14.5mm. The standard system is not designed for high explosive rounds without modification.

Available in two configurable options TrADS 20 for smaller batch processing and the TrADS 40 for large scale high throughput and continuous operation.

The system is manufactured into three ISO shipping frames for ease of movement with one enclosed container for the ancillaries. All container frames and boxes are certified for sea and air shipment which also allows for ease of storage and movement by the client.

  • UK and US military theatre deployment

  • 7500 kg typical single shift processing

  • No external power or utilities requirements

  • Simple and efficient installation and operation

  • Waste metals suitable for open market resale

  • Fully road, rail, air and sea transportable

Refining the process for safe and responsible disposal

Ammunition is fed at a controlled rate from ground level using a conveyor system to feed the rounds into the rotating cylinder where they are heated. Once the rounds ignite, they are fed into a scrap receptacle. The gases are drawn off through an afterburner and ceramic filter before being released to the atmosphere.

The system is designed to allow the ease of access for routine maintenance. TrADS 40 can be safely operated with minimal personnel.

Field tested for reliability

Our systems have been deployed worldwide in some of the harshest environmental conditions.

One of the first mobile systems on the market, now with more than 15 years operational design and development experience in mobile ammunition destruction.

Our systems have been designed for mobility and ease of deployment and hence have been the product of choice for both UK and US Armed Forces Operations.

Manufactured in the United Kingdom and Germany

Designed, developed and manufactured in our facilites in the United Kingdom and Germany.

Proven technology, reliability and performance. Trusted by both UK and US Armed Forces.