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    Transportable Ammunition Destruction Systems

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  • Destruction and recycling

    Low operating footprint small arms ammunition destruction and recycling solution

  • Fully Transportable

    Effective, robust and easily deployed in military and commercial environments

  • Proven and capable

    UK Armed Forces, US Department of State proven and deployed

  • Best in class

    High throughput, low acquisition and through life cost

  • Innovating the Future

    Transportable Ammunition Recycling

Best in class transportable capability with low acquisition and operating cost.
Deployed by both British and US Armed Forces, Field tested in Albania, Afghanistan and Australia.

With a proven history and track record of delivery with both UK and US Armed forces, our products have been environmentally proven in some of the worlds most hostile and challenging environments.

Our Transportable Ammunition Destruction Systems (TrADS) has been specifically developed to meet the stringent requirements of both military and commercial transportation. Our systems are road, rail, air and sea transportable and have been successfully deployed in this manner in numerous international installations.

We design, develop and manufacture robust, proven and fully transportable solutions for the logistical and cost effective disposal of ammunition.  Our systems are used for the disposal and recycling of surplus and obsolete stocks. We produce smaller solutions for the disposal and recycling of spent and live shooting range waste.

Our Solutions

The TrADS 20 and the larger throughput TrADS 40 system are both stand-alone and cost-effective solutions for the disposal of small arms ammunition (SAA).

Consulting Services

We understands today’s concerns about the environment and the impact the destruction of ammunition may have on it. Our specialist team can provide appropriate and informed consultation.


Our Systems have been used by governments and commercial organisations to support the demilitarisation of many different types of weapons and ammunition.